Add Scene Essentials

Once the SDK is imported, add your Scene Essentials by selecting Window > Versus > Setup Scene for Versus Portrait if your app is in Portrait orientation or Window > Versus > Setup Scene for Versus Landscape if your app is in Landscape orientation.

This will add a Versus game object to your scene with the following nested objects:

  • Versus Canvas: Which includes Versus - Portrait (Portrait UI) or Versus - Landscape (Landscape UI)
  • Top Level Elements - (Portrait/Landscape): Used to customize UI components.
  • VersusManager: Used to initialize and handle events passed to and from the Versus platform
  • VsTextureCache: Used to cache prize image textures



  • Both Versus - Portrait & Versus - Landscape can be set as a child to a parent canvas to adjust.
  • Please keep Versus - Portrait & Versus - Landscape game objects disabled when building to device. You can see an example of the Versus UI in: Assets/Versus/Scenes/VersusExample.scene
  • If you don’t already, you’ll need to have an Event System in your main menu scene in order for the UI to respond to player input events.

Application Id Settings

An application Id is used to identify the application in Versus' system.
It must be filled out appropriately for a given environment in the VsConfig.

Notice that the Build Type is Sandbox, so the Field Sandbox input has the UUID for that environment.Notice that the Build Type is Sandbox, so the Field Sandbox input has the UUID for that environment.

Notice that the Build Type is Sandbox, so the Field Sandbox input has the UUID for that environment.

Language Settings

Versus now supports language selection. A valid option must be set in VsConfig located in Versus > Resources by updating the Default Language Code in the inspector.

En represents English.En represents English.

En represents English.

Add Button_OpenVersus to your UI

Next, you’ll want to add the Versus button to your UI as a means of opening Versus from within your game. The Versus button game object includes both the Versus icon and a numbered badge to denote un-viewed prizes that the player has won.

Add the Versus button game object by adding the Button_OpenVersus prefab (located in Assets/Versus/Resources/Prefabs/Scene Essentials) as a child to your own canvas or create a new canvas if you don’t already have one in your scene.



Please be sure to not add the Button_OpenVersus prefab as a child to the Versus Canvas game object generated by Setup Scene for Versus Portrait/Landscape.

UI Best Practices for Versus button

Best practices for styling and placing the Versus button can be found in UI Best Practices. Use of the Versus platform is subject to adherence to our brand guidelines. If you have specific UI needs please contact [email protected]. We'd like to work with you to accommodate your specific needs.

Versus button behavior outside of United States & Canada

The Versus button game object has logic to always display in the United States & Canada. Outside of these territories, the button has logic to be disabled if the player has not previously logged into Versus and to be enabled if they have. Previous United States & Canada-based player traveling in outside territories will not be able to enter challenges or view prizes while they are located outside of eligible regions.