Best Practices - Challenges

Here are some tips to help you, as you design challenges.

• Definition of a challenge.

Our definition of a Challenge = Event Name + Win Condition. Event Name is the string that needs to be implemented into your code. Win Condition is the requirement for completing a challenge.

Event Name = Complete mission
Win Condition = 2 daily missions in the next 5 days

• Recommended minimum number of challenges.

We recommend designing 6-7 different challenges that can be offered for the 1st month (launch month).

• Easier to complete challenges will yield better participation.

During the first month, we recommend no more than 1 challenge that requires players to do something “every day for X consecutive days”, out of concerns those type of challenges may not yield the participation/engagement desired.

• Certain challenges require no action from you.

For the following challenges, no action on the part of you, the developer, is required because the SDK automatically already tracks this activity on its own.

  • A generic version of a Time Based challenge (play the game for X minutes)
  • A generic version of an Event Based challenge (open [app name] while logged into Versus)

• Limitations around a sign-up incentive.

We currently do not support a Win Condition of “complete Versus registration”, but we recommend designing an easy challenge (something achievable within 5 minutes of Versus sign up/registration) that can be used as a sign-up challenge.

• Consecutive days can be tracked for Event Based challenges, but not for Time Based challenges.

We currently cannot track consecutive days for Time Based challenges, but we do for Event Based challenges.

We cannot support = Play 15 minutes every day for 3 consecutive days.
We can support = Capture 10 monsters every day for 3 days in a row.

• Consider which prize type to offer for each challenge.

We offer 3 different types of prizes.

  1. In-game DLC: Items contained within your game, redeemed within your game.
  2. Physical: 1:1, meaning if a player wins, they receive the prize. These are physical goods and services redeemed outside of your game.
  3. Sweepstakes: If a player wins, they are entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win the prize. Only the entry or entries that are drawn (which is handled by our platform) receive the prize. These are physical goods and services redeemed outside of your game.

• Review other sections of the documentation for additional info.

Information about setting up challenges is available here.