What is the Versus platform?

It is an in-app prizing and promotions platform for mobile, console, PC games, and streaming media. It allows game publishers and developers to offer in-app rewards to their users.

What regions are currently supported?

We are currently available in the US, Canada, and China.

Where are prizes currently unavailable?

In Canada, physical prizing is unavailable in all Canadian provinces except in British Columbia, where it is allowed for 18+ users. Sweepstakes prizing is unavailable in Quebec.

What languages are supported?

Currently, English and Simplified Chinese are supported.

How long will it take to integrate your system into a game or app?

Integration time depends on number of challenges and level of UI customization desired by the developer. In our experience, the initial integration can be done in less than 10 business days.

How do you handle time zones?

The system uses UTC time zone.