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How Our System Works

Before you're up and running, we'd like to take a moment and explain how it all works.

Keep your players engaged by offering challenges and prizes with the Versus SDK.

Authenticated players accept a Challenge in our system for a chance to win a Prize. The requirements for completing a challenge are specified by you, the developer, as a Win Condition.

Types of prizes include physical goods and services redeemed outside your game, in-game DLC, and sweepstakes entries. Items contained within your own game are in-game DLC.

After a player successfully completes a challenge, they are informed that they have won a prize via a popup.

For physical prizes, redemption instructions are automatically emailed to the email address that the player has associated with their Versus account. For in-game DLC, players are able to redeem their prize by visiting the Versus section of your game.

Sweepstakes prizing consists of two (2) stages: entries and wins.

The first stage is a sweepstakes entry, which is a Challenge prize that, upon winning, automatically enters a player into a sweepstakes for a chance to win the sweepstakes prize. Sweepstakes prizes are awarded in a draw handled by our platform and fulfilled via email. In addition, players are notified of their sweepstakes wins within the Versus section of your game.

You can view the challenge and prizing flow in more detail in the User Flows.

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How Our System Works

Before you're up and running, we'd like to take a moment and explain how it all works.

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