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iOS SDK Datasheet

1. Technical Specs

  • SDK Size: 3.8 MB's
  • Written in Swift 5
  • Will always be kept up to date with the latest versions of Swift and XCode
  • iOS Deployment Target: 12.0
  • Works with Swift and Objective C but is written in Swift
  • SDK's are provided as dynamic frameworks
  • SDK is "Plug and play" - drop required frameworks into the frameworks, libraries, and embedded content section of XCode and go
  • SDK Properly handles performance considerations
    - All Public facing methods perform work on a dedicated background thread and return on the main thread when done
    - SDK Methods will not block
  • No 3rd party libraries used
    - No External Libraries / Dependencies
    - Completely self-contained
    - Important because it affords our SDK the ability to work with Cocoapods / Carthage / Swift Package manager - whichever dependency management solution you use, or none at all

2. UI Considerations

  • This is a headless version of the SDK, which means there’s no UI attached
    - All required interactions with our API are supported and easily used
    - As is, you will be creating UI that works with your given application/game
  • Checklist for UI - what you’ll need to implement
    - UI for Handling Agreement and Privacy Policy Acceptance
    - UI for Account Registration and Authorization Flows
    - We provide public facing SDK methods for communicating with our API to register and login but you’ll need to create UI and plug it in
    - Registration example:

(You will simply need to call this method when you have the appropriate data and we handle the rest)

  • Login example:

(You will simply need to call this method when you have the appropriate data and we handle the rest)

  • Location Flow - we've provided an easy to use LocationService but you will need to do the following to use it
  • Make sure to include the proper location permission in -> info.plist.
  • UI for Displaying Challenges however you’d like on your end
  • UI for Showing Prizing Details

3. SDK Integration Time

  • Technical integration time
    - You can drop the SDK in and be up and running in less than 30 minutes
  • UI Integration Time [Variable]
    - Time for UI is variable based on a number of different things such as:
    - Your team resources for building UI
    - The Auth flow will take the longest to implement but we have examples of the View Model Logic that should help speed up the technical side
    - Whether or not you are using SwiftUI or UIKit
    - Whether or not you need to support iPad as well as iPhone
    - Level of UI customization desired

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iOS SDK Datasheet

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