Testing in Sandbox

Once we’ve initialized your challenges, we’ll provide you with a Sandbox applicationId. You’ll set this in Field Sandbox located in the VsConfig file contained in Assets/Versus/Resources/Prefabs.

Setting applicationId and environment in VsConfig

Please set your applicationId provided by Versus and set the Build Type to Sandbox on the VsConfig file located in Assets/Versus/Resources/Prefabs.

After setting these parameters, be sure to save your project by selecting File > Save Project.

Set externalPlayerId preference

If “Use Existing External Player Id If Found” is checked within VsConfig, the SDK will use the externalPlayerId of the first player it finds in the player list when you start a session. This is useful for games that would like to have a single player record across installs on the same or multiple devices.

If left unchecked (default), our SDK allows multiple player records for your game. This means that if your game doesn’t use the same externalPlayerId across multiple installs, there can be multiple player records.

For testing purposes only: To add an externalPlayerId which is required to initialize the Versus platform, add VsUI_DemoGame script to any game object. Add any string to the tester Str_external Player Id field within the component window of this script. This script is only for testing purposes only and should not be shipped in a production build.

Testing multiple accounts on a single device

Please note that if you are testing multiple accounts on a particular device, you'll need to perform the below steps in order to have challenges populate correctly for a given account:

  • Uninstall your app
  • Clear app data
  • Use a new externalPlayerID for each new account you use


QA Checklist

You can view important areas to test in QA Checklist.